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Application form

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If you would like to apply for one of our wonderful TEFL courses, please fill in our quick and easy application form, below. There is no obligation, and we promise to send you a response within 48 hours!

A quick reminder of what you are applying for

  • English language teacher training (ELT), leading to a TESOL / TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) entry-level qualification, recognised by language schools worldwide
  • training to become a dynamic, versatile, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and empowered teacher
  • through a four-weeks intensive, accredited by an international organism, and externally-moderated TEFL course
  • given in a small-class formula, allowing for lots of personalised attention for each and every trainee
  • offered by course providers with over twelve years of experience in the domain of TEFL training
  • along with career support services and worldwide job guidance
  • counselling to help you choose the course option that best suits you
  • support for visa and accommodation procedures
  • support for dealing with all the paperwork required during your stay
  • extension courses, if you feel the need for further professional development
  • access to our local network and databases of employers, job alerts subscriptions
  • access to our ESL teaching resources and instruction on how to develop your own resources
  • TESOL courses located in cities and geographical areas with a very high demand of English language teachers

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What happens after you submit the TEFL course application form

  • The initial application is the best way to get in touch with us, since it gives your TEFL consultant an idea of the TEFL course you are most interested in, and of the time frame you are considering. You are also welcome to use the contact form, or email, would you have preliminary questions.
  • Once you submit an application form, a Worldwide TEFL Training consultant would get back to you with the information brochure related to the destination and course of your choice.
  • We encourage you to read it thoroughly and ask as many questions as you wish, from us and from former students
  • Once you have finalised your choice, we will help you prepare for the admission interview, which usually takes place via skype or phone. This will give you an opportunity to ask further questions and will help the school understand your motivation for enrolling in one of their courses.
  • Following the interview, we will let you know whether you were accepted or not, and will help you finalise your enrolment, assist with the administrative procedures, accommodation issues etc.