Here is a glimpse of the TEFL Barcelona course, where you can visit our facilities and see what trainees do during the course. You can also watch some student testimonials for an insight into different aspects of the course.

Why become a certified English teacher in Barcelona?

970175_10201207408177194_447695730_nBarcelona, in the heart of Catalonia and situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees Mountains, is steeped in a unique and intriguing culture. It is one of the top destinations for EFL teachers and (at the risk of echoing the travel guides) it’s not hard to see why: it offers exciting nightlife and café culture, there is the opportunity to try a new career, experience a new way of life, to learn a new language, and the locals are usually open, friendly and happy to provide you with plenty of practice. Although Barcelona is a city of almost 2 million people, it is easy to get around. Thanks to an efficient metro system travel times between areas are relatively quick. The warm climate, the sea and beaches, fantastical art and architecture, the food, the nightlife, make Barcelona one of the most attractive cities in Europe in which to obtain a TEFL qualification and teach English.

Working in Barcelona: Our Job Guidance Service

The demand for English teachers in Barcelona has been high for quite some time, with growing opportunities in the Business English and English for Young Learners sectors in particular. The level of English spoken in Spain is not generally high Teaching practice is an important part of the TEFL Barcelona TESOL teacher training. Our TEFL trainees prepare their lesson together, then practice during classes with real Spanish studentscompared to other European countries (hence the high demand, particularly for children’s classes) and teaching here can be as challenging as it is rewarding.

Why choose our TEFL Barcelona course

Our TEFL course in Barcelona includes a comprehensive job guidance service designed to give you the tools you need to successfully market yourself and get the right job. In addition to group and individual sessions with advisors, you will receive information on teaching in Barcelona before the course starts.
Michael, our job guidance advisor, makes sure you’ll have a great head start on your job search. Graduates of our TEFL course typically start receiving job offers before the course even ends. While many graduates don’t receive full time hours at one school, many fill in their schedule by working at multiple schools or teaching private classes in addition to their contracts at language schools. The result is often a busy but varied schedule.

TEFL Barcelona Spain trainees study for their TEFL certification in small groups, and in a friendly and relaxed atmosphereTeaching and living in Barcelona offers such a diverse and rewarding experience that many teachers find they stay longer than planned. For some a sojourn in a foreign country is enough to give them the break they needed and they go home with a fresh perspective. Others make the country their home and pursue careers in EFL (Director of Studies, Teacher Trainer, etc.). Still others fall in love with the globetrotting lifestyle allowed by being able to find a job almost anywhere in the world, and they never go home again…  Our job guidance service never expires – we will assist you in finding work in any city around the world at any point in time!

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We are offering reduced fees for all our 2018 Barcelona courses, when booked before 31 December 2017.

150 euros off the January to December 2018 Barcelona TEFL courses tuition fees.

Drop us a line if you have any questions regarding the TEFL course in Barcelona.

Make the most of the 2018 sale! Apply today!

TEFL Barcelona Course Options

Our four-week intensive TEFL courses

Battlo. Barcelona, Spain is one of the friendliest cities in Europe for getting a TEFL qualification and finding work afterwards

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TEFL Barcelona Course Dates 2018

  • 08 January – 02 February*
  • 26 February – 23 March*
  • 09 April – 04 May *
  • 28 May – 22 June *
  • 02 July  – 27 July
  • 30 July  – 24 August
  • 27 August –  22 September
  • 15 October  – 09 November *
  • 19 November  – 14 December *

* NB: These courses will take place at our Sagrada Familia location.

Cost – 1400€ (1250€ if booked before 31 December 2018)

TEFL Barcelona Extension CJanuary groupourses

We offer two extension courses to supplement your 4-week TEFL course. Teaching Business English and Teaching Young Learners. You may enroll in these extra sessions at any time. Please enquire for prices and dates.

Accommodation during your TEFL studies

Having a comfortable place to stay within easy reach of the school is essential during the course. We can provide accommodation in a shared flat for the duration of the course. Sharing a flat with other trainee teachers or students is a great way to start life in Barcelona. You have the freedom to cook what and when you like, your own room and somewhere quiet to work and relax.

Accommodation costs are 450€ for the duration of the course, with extra nights charged at 20€ a night.

Accreditation of our TEFL courses

TQUK accreditation for TEFL Barcelona Spain courseOur year-round courses with ITA Barcelona maintain the highest quality assurance standards for TESOL/TEFL training through external accreditation.  This ensures that your TESOL certification is accepted and valued by ELT employers all over the world. These courses lead to an OFQUAL recognised TQUK Level 5 Award Certificate in TESOL.


The Worldiwde TEFL Training TEFL Barcelona course is the only course in Barcelona, Spain accreditted by an American university, Fort Hayes State University

Our summer semester TEFL Barcelona courses are accredited once a year by the TESOL Department of Fort Hays State University

Additionally, the course is externally moderated on a monthly basis by a local board led by Brian Tomlinson, Head of the Post-Graduate, Research, and Consultancy Unit at the School of Languages at Leeds Becket University (formerly Leeds Metropolitan University) in the UK.

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Our Barcelona TEFL graduates teach worldwide and benefit from access to teaching resources and a job guidance service which never expires. Become one of them today!

Drop us a line if you have any questions regarding the TEFL course in Barcelona.Apply for enrollment in our TEFL Barcelona course

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