Why do your TEFL training in Madrid?

TESOL TEFL Madrid is a great city to obtain a TEFL qualification and Teach English

Madrid is known in Spain as the “city that never sleeps”, and though it lacks the beach that Barcelona has, it is renowned for its nightlife, art, museums, and culture. It is Spain’s largest city and a great hub to get cheap flights from to visit the rest of Europe; or high-speed trains that will have you on a Spanish beach in less than 2.5 hours.

Our externally accredited, moderated, TEFL Madrid course is housed in a beautiful and historic building in the centre of the city. OUr TEFL Madrid course is considered the No. 1 English  Teacher Training course in Madrid.

Working in Madrid – Our Job Guidance Service

The demand for English language teachers in Madrid far surpasses that of any other city in Spain. You will have the choice of working with adults or children or a combination of both.

TEFL Madrid TEFL courses job guidance and TEFL careers workshop are part of TEFL trainingYou will also have choices as to whether you want to work in a public school, private language school or teaching adults in-company. Our Madrid TEFL centre works with over 300 schools, academies and agencies so you will get a range of job offers straight after the course (and sometimes in the middle of the course).

Our job guidance workshops begin with CV writing and move all the way up to interviewing, and then creating the best schedule for the classes that you’ve been offered.  You will have one-on-one meetings with our job guidance advisor Helen during the course, and she will continue to provide support for as long as you need; a week, a year, or rest of your life!

 TEFL Madrid Course Options

Our Madrid centre offers two types of courses:

TEFL Madrid Course 1: 4 week TEFL course

Cost – 1375€ (300€ deposit + 1075€ due by course start date)

This is suitable for those with an EU passport. It includes 4 weeks of evening Spanish classes after you have finished the TEFL course.

Madrid is a great place for TEFL study - Parque Retiro photo by Tania Mariana Plesa -TEFL Madrid 1 year Student Visa Programme

If you don’t have an EU passport, you can only visit Spain legally for three months at a time (six months total in one year). The student visa program allows you to live and travel throughout Europe for a full year with your student visa.

You can also get permission to work legally for 20 hours a week (a full-time schedule is 20-25 hours per week of teaching). The course includes 36 weeks of Spanish classes, Ongoing Professional Development training and the four-week TEFL course.

Other options are available for TEFL/TESOL or CELTA certificate holders who wish to work in Madrid. Drop us a line for details. 

Course Dates:

  • 8 January – 2 February 2018
  • 5 February – 2 March 2018
  • 5 March – 28 March 2018 (including Saturday 17 March)
  • 2 April – 27 April 2018
  • 7 May – 1 June 2018
  • 18 June – 13 July 2018
  • 30 July – 24 August 2018
  • 3 September – 28 September 2018
  • 8 October – 2 November 2018
  • 19 November – 14 December 2018

Whichever course you choose, our Madrid centre supports you throughout the journey, from making
a decision to getting your first job and beyond.


Having a comfortable place to stay within easy reach of the school is essential during the course.  We can provide accommodation in a shared flat for 2 months.  Sharing a flat with other trainee teachers or students is a great way to start life in Barcelona. You have the freedom to cook what and when you like, your own room and somewhere quiet to work and relax.  Accommodation cost is 500€ a month, and includes all utilities, wifi.


Our TESOL / TEFL course in Madrid Spain is accredited by the IATQuO - the International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying OrganisationsOur Madrid TEFL course is accredited by IATQuO The International Association of TESOL Qualifying Organisations

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Our Madrid TEFL graduates teach English worldwide and benefit from access to teaching resources and lifetime job guidance. Join them today!

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TEFL Madrid testimonials

This course offers by far the best and most respected TEFL training in Madrid. And this is for a good reason. The course is intense, but it gave me and my fellow TEFL trainees all that we needed to start our adventure as teachers. Not only is every area of the subject covered, they also manage to teach very effective teaching strategies in a creative way. I learned more, and gained more effective teaching resources, in 4 weeks of this TEFL training than I did in 6 years of University for a degree in Education. Also, there’s a genuinely supportive and positive environment. At the end, you really feel like you’ve accomplished something and that you have all the support and resources you’ll need to get started. I found a job immediately after finishing the course, and after being here for nearly 4 years, I still get support from TtMadrid. From job searches to working through paperwork – especially necessary for someone from the States – the support is ongoing. Through the help of Tt, I now have a fantastic job. I’m so glad I found this course, and I can’t say enough about how much it has helped me and inspired me! I highly recommend TtMadrid to anyone considering teaching English as a foreign language.
Lindsay Stevens, via Google+

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