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Worldwide TEFL Training courses boast an employment rate of close to 100% amongst our TEFL graduates.

Change your life by becoming TEFL qualified

Our TEFL and TESOL graduates have an impressive track record of securing an English language teaching job, sometimes even prior to graduation.

Employers are usually very impressed with our graduates' background and skills. Read their testimonials below.
Change your life by becoming TEFL qualified

TEFL teaching practice is crucial for any goof TEFL course. All Worldwide TEFL Training courses have a teaching practice module, as you cand read in our TEFL testimonials.

TEFL testimonials by Worldwide TEFL Training graduates

Working towards a TEFL qualification is hard work, but also lots of fun. Worldwide TEFL Training certified TESOL teachers approach their new careers with confidence and enthusiasm.

Read some of the TEFL course and TEFL jobs testimonials at the link above.

an internationally validated TEFL certificate is a passport to the world

Testimonials from language schools who employ our graduates

An internationally accredited TEFL certificate, obtained from a recognised, externally moderated TEFL school is a password to English language teaching positions worldwide