Testimonials from language schools who hire our TEFL certified graduates

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Why our TEFL graduates are sought-after:

Do you wonder whether a TEFL certification from one of our Worldwide TEFL Training courses, in Barcelona, Madrid or Toulouse will lead to employment?

Here are a few reasons why our TEFL trainees have excellent opportunities to secure a TESOL job in Spain and France:

    • the English language teaching job market is booming in situations of economical crisis: current and prospective employees are seeking to obtain an edge by honing their English language skills
    • whilst more and more schools offer bilingual education in Spain, parents are willing to support their children’s learning through private one-to-one or small-class English lessons
    • last, but not least, our TEFL graduates are highly regarded by local and national employers
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TEFL employer testimonials from language schools in Barcelona, Spain


TEFL employers testimonials: Get English Barcelona Spain employs TEFL Barcelona certified TESOL teachers
I have been working with Telfbarcelona for some time now and often employ recently qualified trainees from their TEFL programme. I have found their trainees to be reliable, enthusiastic and well prepared for the teaching positions I have to offer.


TEFL employers testimonials: BCN Languages Barcelona Spain employs TEFL Barcelona certified TESOL teachers
Your TESOL graduates show a great level of skill, development and professionalism. In fact, TEFL Barcelona provides our School with a reliable source of new and qualified teachers: not only for their ability to be versatile in preparation but for their well-planned and intentional methods of teaching.
Carmen Cidoncha, Head of Studies, BCN Languages, Barcelona, Spain


TEFL employer testimonials: Complementtos SL employs TESOL teachers certified by TEFL Barcelona

I would say that a very high percentage of the candidates from Tefl Barcelona came over very well in the interviews. In general, your graduates do compare well with those of other courses, and for us this is a guarantee of professional training. You’re doing a fine job! We took on Shane last November and he has just got 92.5% student satisfaction on a 5-month intensive course. He is diligent, co-operative and very professional. He has a very nice and calm manner. All his groups are happy with his teaching and classroom management.
Deborah G. Watson Flindall, Complementos SL, Barcelona, Spain

TEFL employer testimonials from language schools in Madrid, Spain


Complementos SL employs TEFL Barcelona TESOL Spain trainees
As Head of Studies at PEC, I have been employing certified teachers from the Madrid course for at least 8 years now. I have employed many different teacher profiles, all of them arriving with confidence in their teaching know-how, full of positive thrilling energy, and willing to teach. I have found graduates to be fully trained in teaching methodology and techniques, in lesson structure and lesson planning. I will continue employing your certified teachers as they understand what teaching English really is, as well as being fully aware in which areas each of them can excel and improve as professional English teachers.
Belen Corrales, Head of Studies, Pembroke Educational Consultants, Madrid, Spain


English4Future employs TEFL Madrid TESOL Spain trainees
As a director of three academies I must highly recommend your TEFL course in Madrid. It is much more than a TEFL course, their trainees are prepared to teach in different environments and what matters most they are perfectly adapted to the Spanish market and to the needs of our centres.

They prepare teachers to enjoy teaching and all their trainees are enthusiastic and dynamic because they love what they do. It is always my first choice when I have to hire a new teacher.

TEFL employer testimonials from language schools in Toulouse, France


the Cambridge Centre employs TEFL toulouse TESOL france trainees
We are amazed by the quality of your trainees


Universal Languages employs TEFL Toulouse TESOL France trainees - TEFL employer testimonial
At Universal Languages and formerly at Wall St Institute I have met many teachers who trained at TEFL Toulouse and who were extremely enthusiastic about their experience there.

The course is clearly rich in content and offers excellent basics to teachers, it has a very thorough programme covering all of the necessities in English language teaching.

Those we have hired have proven to have an excellent standard of teaching, very professional and always well prepared. They are clearly confident teachers who have received all the tools that are needed in this line of work and are at ease in the classroom and with the challenges that come their way.”

Suzanne Kerrespres, Manager and Director of Studies, Universal Languages, Toulouse, France
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Work testimonials from our TEFL Barcelona course graduates

Along the years, our TEFL Barcelona graduates have shared their experience regarding the job opportunities for TEFL trainees: they talk about their courses and the first jobs after obtaining their TEFL certification.
Our TEFL trainees work worldwide. You will be able to read TEFL testimonials from graduates working in Spain, France, Chile, Brazil, China, Russia, the USA, Kuwait, Thailand, Colombia, Singapore, Greece, Poland, Peru, South Korea and many other countries. Please feel free to contact them.Read numerous TEFL work testimonials here.