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TEFL graduate testimonials: course and work testimonials from our Barcelona course trainees


“So many great things to say about the TEFL Barcelona course. The team was well-rounded, extremely helpful and supportive. The course was challenging, yet well paced. I absorbed so much information in one month and I feel I can hold my own in a classroom. What a great experience!”

Zeina Medhat

Zeina Medhat (Canada) obtained her TEFL certification from our TEFL Barcelona course in April 2015


“I decided to become an English teacher because I wanted to move to Asia.

I have recently completed a four-week course at TEFL International Barcelona and I am now giving private classes while I prepare myself for moving to China.

The course was placed in the beautiful and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. It was thorough and fun with a great mix of grammar, phonetics, teaching theory and practice-teaching. The team consisted of professional and friendly trainers and in addition, I made great friends in the group.

My experience at TEFL International Barcelona was highly enriching in both professional and human terms. Today I feel confident and prepared to teach professionally and achieve my dreams.
Don’t hesitate to sign up for this course, you won’t regret it!”

Davinia Chang Sancho

Graduate testimonial by Davinia Chang Sancho (Spain). Davinia obtained her TEFL certification from TEFL Barcelona in April 2015


“If you want to learn how to teach and practice doing it, TAKE THIS COURSE! I can’t even begin to say how valuable getting this education/practice has been to starting out as a new teacher.”

Shelby Engel

Shelby Engel (USA) became TEFL certified in January 2015, after completing our TEFL Barcelona course


“I would recommend the course from TEFL Barcelona. Not only do they provide you with the foundations for a potential career in just one month, the skill-set learnt on this course can aid a number of professions. To prospective students, I’d say that they should immerse themselves as much as possible.”

Conor Ryan

Graduate testimonial by Conor Ryan (Ireland) who became TEFL certified in November 2014, after completing our TEFL Barcelona course


“I started looking into teaching abroad in the countries that I thought I might be interested in exploring. Teaching English as a foreign language started to look like a pretty feasible way to kill two birds with one stone (getting a job that allowed me to make money AND travel). Barcelona Spain almost immediately grabbed my attention, and so I came and got my TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) certificate from an institution that more than prepared me to do exactly what it promised. And I haven’t looked back since moving to Barcelona and getting my TEFL certificate from TEFL Barcelona nearly seven months ago.

I now teach at a Language Academy for 8 hours a week and then have about 5 hours a week of private classes on the side. I mostly teach adults who are at an intermediate to upper-intermediate level of English. I don’t make enough money to be rich but that’s not why I came to live in Spain. I do, however, make enough money to rent my own apartment down near the beach in the neighborhood of Barceloneta. I’m roughly 20 meters from the Mediterranean Sea (which is great, because I can take an evening or morning dip whenever I feel like it). I travel via bus or cheap airfare just about every other weekend to one awesome place after another, (last weekend I went south to Miravet).

On top of traveling I also get the opportunity to go out whenever I want and experience the amazing nightlife and different festivities the city has to offer.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to move to Barcelona and get my TEFL certificate. Teaching English is a surprisingly practical skill in the sense that it teaches you a lot of non-teacher related talents (confidence in speaking in front of people, learning to be better at job interviews, etc.) and also in the sense that since English is a language that people all over the globe want to learn, teaching it becomes rather priceless.”

Terek Hopkins

Terek Hopkins(USA) graduated from the TEFL Barcelona course in January 2015


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TEFL graduate testimonials: job guidance and work testimonials from our Madrid course trainees


“After graduating from the course Madrid I was very excited but also very nervous. I knew I was fully prepared for the jobs ahead of me, but there was still a part of me that felt unsure about what I was getting myself into.

The job application process is overwhelming no matter where you are or what you are applying to. Luckily I made excellent friends during the course that supported me and helped boost my confidence as we all applied to jobs together.

I graduated at the end of June, an interesting time for teachers in Madrid; summer was just beginning and jobs were very scarce. A week into looking for a job, I met a great family that wanted me to take their little girls to the pool and speak to them in English. It was the perfect summer job.

By the end of August my email was flooding with job opportunities and interviews thanks to the Madrid school Job Alerts and their suggested websites.

I felt very much in control as I was able to pick and choose where I wanted to interview according to what I felt suited me best: distance, hours, pay, job description, etc. It’s different for everyone but there is so much out there! I interviewed at several places and it took me quite a while to find the right one for me and I’m so glad I waited because it’s perfect for me. Advice? Be honest with yourself about what you want to do here in Madrid, it’s out there so don’t forget to be patient!”

Paulina Garate

Graduate testimonial by Paulina Garate, who became TEFL certified in May 2015 after completing our Madrid TEFL course


“I never expected to be as well prepared to teach as my TEFL school in Madrid had described, let alone get hired before our graduation.

After giving a class on how to prepare our CV’s, they helped us make edits and then sent them to all of their contacts and even though I had already accepted a job, the offers kept coming. It was so comforting knowing that I was in good hands!

My first job came easy with all their help and it hasn’t stopped.

I graduated two years ago and I still receive job alerts. Walking into the office is also a pleasure because it is such a friendly and open environment, even if you graduated years ago.

With all of their help I was able to establish myself in Madrid as a teaching professional which has allowed me to enjoy all this beautiful city has to offer!”

Julia Labrum

Graduate testimonial by Julia Labrum, who became TEFL certified 2013, after completing our Madrid TEFL course


“From the very first day I started the Madrid TEFL course I knew %100 I chose the right school for my TEFL course. I knew before the end of the course that I would be extremely comfortable and beyond prepared to teach English in Madrid. Not only was the preparation so in depth, but the assistance and amount of compassion the staff provided was astounding.

Everyone made sure we were well informed on the step by step process of getting the right paper work to be legal when we started working. They even had an entire workshop on where to go for each piece of documentation which included maps and specific instructions on what to ask for when you arrive. Oh!

The school also booked ALL necessary appointments for us at the different administrative offices which made it even easier since we needed to navigate all the Spanish websites.

In addition to the walk through for our documents they gave us several workshops on compiling our CV’s and how to sell ourselves as brand new teachers with no experience in the interviews.

We also had a mock interview and a Q&A so we felt really prepared to talk to the schools and academies that were hiring.

More so I was blown away at their commitment to making sure I found a job. They sent my CV out to hundreds of academies, agencies and schools in Madrid.

The response I received from employers was incredible. My phone would not stop ringing with job offers!! TT’s reputation is held high in the teaching community.

Even after I graduated I could send emails to them if I had any question or needed advice. No matter how busy they were they never faltered to answer my emails. I was honestly humbled by my experience at TtMadrid. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that it’s because of their charismatic and concerned staff that I am a confident certified TEFL teacher living in Madrid!”

Miranda Ireida

Graduate testimonial by Miranda Ireida, who became TEFL certified in August 2015, after completing our Madrid TEFL course
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